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We are Professional Concrete contractors in Fresno. VLO Concrete Fresno is a well-equipped staff that employs some of Fresno’s most skilled personnel. In Fresno, we work on both commercial and residential properties.

Top- Rated Concrete Companies in Fresno, CA

Call us if you need a company that can handle all parts of a concrete building. For the quality of work we give and our craftsmanship, we are regarded as among the best concrete contractors in Fresno. We realize how critical it is to construct long-lasting concrete constructions. So our Concrete Companies in Fresno put a special effort into it.

VLO Concrete Fresno offers expert concrete contractors services in Fresno and the neighboring areas. Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks, Stamped & Decorative Patio Concrete, Floors, Walls, and Slabs are among the services offered. We strive for perfection and to provide our consumers with high-quality buildings. We’ve completed some of Fresno’s top concrete constructions. Our staff knows what it takes to construct sturdy structures using high-quality materials. Give us a call today for additional information or a free quote.

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Residential Concrete Contractors Services in Fresno, CA

We offer a wide range of residential concrete contractors in Fresno services, both large and small. From minor concrete repairs, such as resurfacing a section of a driveway that has been damaged by tree roots, to totally resurfacing a driveway, our expert team of concrete contractors in Fresno ensures that you receive the highest quality services for your home and that it improves its curb appeal.

Sidewalks & Walkways – For your front or backyard, our expert concrete contractors in Fresno install sidewalks and walkways. Hire a team of dedicated Concrete Contractors in Fresno to help you create something that is beautiful, expresses you, and makes you feel good about yourself. VLO Concrete Fresno is a company that takes each project seriously. We make certain that you receive exactly what you paid for. Whether it’s sidewalks or paths in your home, you’ll be pleased with the ultimate product.

Driveway – As expert Concrete Contractors in Fresno, including landscaping concrete contractors in Fresno, we take pride in creating driveways for your home that are as unique as possible. Come to us if you want a simple grey driveway or something more colorful like a decorated concrete driveway. With extensive experience in building high-quality concrete, we ensure that your driveway not only looks excellent but also lasts for more than 20 years.

Concrete Patios – Let us know if you want Concrete Contractors in Fresno, including landscaping concrete contractors Fresno, to create concrete patios that will increase the visual appeal of your home as well as its overall worth. We take pride in designing and building the most attractive concrete patios that perfectly complement the overall appearance of your home.

A lovely patio is unquestionably beneficial to any home property. Hire a professional patio specialist if you want the outside of your home to match the way it looks on the inside.


Their team were Super! They really cared about the job they did. True artists! They were mindful, conscientious, respectful, and went way beyond my expectations to be creative and helpful. I highly recommend them. It’s hard to find honest, good guys these days and yet here they are.

– Paul

Extremely pleased with VLO Concrete Fresno . They quickly installed my Aggregate parking pad. Their price quote was below my other quote and their quality of service was high. Their organization is very professional. Highly Recommended!!

– Jake

Great team of workers. They were patient with my timing and worked diligently to complete the project. We would recommend them to anyone and will hopefully be using them again in the future. Highly Recommended!!

– Wilson

Commercial Concrete Contractors Services in Fresno, CA

For commercial projects in Fresno, CA, we are one of the most trusted Concrete Contractors in Fresno, including landscaping concrete contractors in Fresno. We’ve done work for a variety of commercial establishments, including schools, hotels, corporate buildings, parks, and more. Our staff specializes in commercial concrete building, ensuring that you receive the greatest quality at the most affordable price. 

Our clients have praised the quality of our work and would refer us to anyone in need of commercial concrete contractors’ services.

Warehouse Floor – Warehouse flooring must be strong enough to withstand heavy loads without cracking or deteriorating. We’ve installed warehouse floors for a variety of different warehouses.

We can put up floors for storage warehouses, manufacturing plants, cold storage facilities, and more.

Commercial Construction – We work on a variety of commercial projects, from foundations to paving roadways, parking lots, and walkways.

Concrete pouring machines, concrete mixing machines, concrete leveling equipment, and more are available in a variety of sizes.

Commercial Driveway – Our business clients want storage areas that can handle everyday usage, including foot, equipment, and material traffic.

We can quickly install, repair, or replace the concrete surfaces of your storage building to fit your needs.

Concrete Paving And Roads – For business roads and walkways, we are skilled concrete pavers. The correct type of walkway will help to ease traffic and improve the experience for both walkers and drivers.

As a commercial property, maintaining a well-kept parking lot will not only give a positive impression of your company, but it will also assist you avoid lawsuits in the event of an accident caused by poorly paved roadways.

Why Is Concrete The Best Material?

Concrete is a widely used building material, favored by engineers and architects for its strength and durability. It’s ideal for constructing bridges, skyscrapers, and more. Concrete buildings remain unchanged for decades, offering fireproof and cost-effective solutions. Its versatility allows for various shapes and sizes, making it suitable for large and small projects.

With decorative options like concrete staining and stamping, concrete can create aesthetically pleasing features. At VLO Concrete Fresno, we are trusted Concrete Contractors in Fresno, including landscaping concrete contractors Fresno, providing reliable and skilled services for your construction and landscaping needs. Trust us to deliver exceptional results with strength, durability, and beauty.

Why Choose Concrete Contractors Fresno?

When considering concrete contractors in Fresno, you’ll find that our team stands out for its exceptional expertise and commitment to quality. Our advantage lies in our extensive experience, having successfully completed numerous projects in the Fresno area. This experience enables us to tackle a wide range of concrete jobs with precision and efficiency, ensuring that your project is in capable hands.
In terms of pricing, we understand the importance of delivering value to our clients. Our transparent pricing model ensures that you receive a fair and competitive quote for your project. We believe in providing high-quality work at a reasonable cost, making us a cost-effective choice for your concrete needs.
Furthermore, our satisfied clients have provided glowing testimonials that speak to the superior level of service and craftsmanship we provide. These testimonials serve as a testament to our dedication to client satisfaction and the exceptional results we consistently deliver.
Choosing our team of concrete contractors in Fresno means choosing a partner with unparalleled expertise, competitive pricing, and a proven track record of client satisfaction.

The Benefits Of Choosing VLO Concrete Fresno

VLO Concrete Fresno offers a range of benefits that build upon the exceptional expertise and commitment to quality that sets our concrete contractors apart in Fresno. When you choose VLO Concrete Fresno for your concrete needs, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Durable and Long Lasting: Our concrete solutions are built to last. We use high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure that your concrete structures withstand the test of time, providing you with long-term value and peace of mind.
  • Customizable and Decorative: We understand that aesthetics are just as important as functionality. With VLO Concrete Fresno, you can customize your concrete designs to suit your specific preferences, whether you’re looking for decorative patterns, textures, or colors. Our team can bring your creative vision to life, enhancing the overall appeal of your property.
  • Professional Expertise: By choosing VLO Concrete Fresno, you gain access to a team of skilled professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results. From project planning to execution, our experts are committed to ensuring that every aspect of your concrete project is handled with precision and care.


What services does VLO Concrete Fresno offer as landscaping concrete contractors in Fresno?

VLO Concrete Fresno offers a wide range of services, including concrete driveways and sidewalks, stamped and decorative patio concrete, floors, walls, slabs, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and concrete patios for both residential and commercial properties.

Why should I choose VLO Concrete Fresno as my residential concrete contractor in Fresno?

VLO Concrete Fresno provides expert residential concrete services, including minor repairs and complete resurfacing. Their skilled landscaping concrete contractors ensure high-quality work that enhances your home’s curb appeal and durability.

What kind of commercial projects does VLO Concrete Fresno handle as commercial concrete contractors in Fresno?

VLO Concrete Fresno is a trusted choice for commercial projects, including work for schools, hotels, corporate buildings, parks, and more. They specialize in commercial concrete buildings, offering top-notch quality at affordable prices.

What makes concrete the best material for construction projects?

Concrete is favored by engineers and architects for its strength, durability, and fireproof properties. It’s widely used for bridges, skyscrapers, and various other projects. Concrete remains unchanged for decades, making it a cost-effective and reliable solution.

How can I request a quote or more information from VLO Concrete Fresno?

To get a free quote or additional information about their services, you can contact VLO Concrete Fresno by calling them. Their well-equipped staff of skilled landscaping concrete contractors in Fresno will be happy to assist you with your concrete needs.


To get in touch with our team at VLO Concrete Fresno, simply fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call during business hours. We value direct communication and are committed to providing prompt assistance.
If you opt to fill out the contact form, please provide as much detail as possible regarding your project, including the scope, timeline, and any specific requirements. Additionally, if you choose to call us, our knowledgeable staff will be ready to address your inquiries and schedule a project consultation at your convenience.

Our contact information is readily available on our website, and we encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a consultation. Whether you have a small residential project or a large commercial undertaking, we’re here to assist you.
Our team at VLO Concrete Fresno is dedicated to delivering high-quality concrete services, and we look forward to the opportunity to discuss your project in detail.

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